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Terra Fiamma in Delray Beach

Terra Fiamma at the Delray Marketplace in Delray Beach is one of the few restaurants at that shopping center that exceeded our expectations. We’ve had experiences that have left us wanting more at the other “hot spots” but Tierra Fiamma was chosen as a lunch spot and with our dining experience, we can’t wait to go back for a full-fledged dinner.

  • Roccos Tacos Boca Raton Florida-1
  • Roccos Tacos Boca Raton Florida-2
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  • Roccos Tacos Boca Raton Florida-7
  • Roccos Tacos Boca Raton Florida-8
  • Roccos Tacos Boca Raton Florida-9
  • Roccos Tacos Boca Raton Florida-10
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  • Roccos Tacos Boca Raton Florida-13

In Photos: Rocco’s Tacos in Boca Raton

It was a sunny Wednesday afternoon when we visited Rocco’s Tacos, located in Town Center Circle’s shopping center, not far from Glades Road. Arriving at lunchtime, we had a choice to sit inside in the dark dining room or enjoy the sunshine at one of the outdoor high tables. We chose the latter and had a wonderful Mexican meal under bright blue skies.

  • Deck84 01 Exterior Deck
  • Deck84 02 Exterior Deck 2
  • Deck84 03 Exterior View
  • Deck84 04 Bar
  • Deck84 05 Interior
  • Deck84 06 Interior Booth
  • Deck84 7 Bloody Mary Bar 1
  • Deck84 8 Bloody Mary Bar 2
  • Deck84 9 Eggs Benedict
  • Deck84 10 Chicken Burger
  • Deck84 11 Salmon
  • Deck84 12 Breakfast Burrito
  • Deck84 13 Grilled Chicken on Salad 1
  • Deck84 14 Grilled Chicken on Salad 2

Sunday Brunch in South Florida: Deck 84 in Delray Beach

When seeking out the perfect place for Sunday brunch that would appease 8 adults, one child and a few infants, we knew just the spot; Deck 84 in Delray Beach.

In Photos: Fit Foodz Cafe in Boca Raton

Healthier options are not always available these days. If you’re on a particular diet or are just watching the calories, most restaurants won’t cater to your every need. That’s where Fit Foodz Cafe is stepping up their game and offering a tasty outlet for this segment of the dining population that is looking to skip the fast food outlets.

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