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Food News: Zinburger East Coming Soon to Town Center at Boca Raton

Zinburger East is currently building out their new location at the Boca Town Center Mall, on Glades Road in Boca Raton. If you’re not familiar with Zinburger East’s brand, they’re primarily based in the northern part of the country with locations in New Jersey, Long Island, Virginia and North Carolina.

  • Roccos Tacos Boca Raton Florida-1
  • Roccos Tacos Boca Raton Florida-2
  • Roccos Tacos Boca Raton Florida-3
  • Roccos Tacos Boca Raton Florida-4
  • Roccos Tacos Boca Raton Florida-5
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In Photos: Rocco’s Tacos in Boca Raton

It was a sunny Wednesday afternoon when we visited Rocco’s Tacos, located in Town Center Circle’s shopping center, not far from Glades Road. Arriving at lunchtime, we had a choice to sit inside in the dark dining room or enjoy the sunshine at one of the outdoor high tables. We chose the latter and had a wonderful Mexican meal under bright blue skies.

  • Tap42 01 Fort Lauderdale Exterior
  • Tap42 02 Fort Lauderdale Interior Bar
  • Tap42 03 Fort Lauderdale Exterior Short
  • Tap42 04 Fort Lauderdale Exterior Short
  • Tap42 06 Harpoon Mussels
  • Tap42 07 Dates
  • Tap42 08 Angry Orchard Pulled Pork Sliders
  • Tap42 09 Turkey Burger
  • Tap42 10 Turkey Burger and Fries
  • Tap42 11 Yellowfin Tuna and Sashimi
  • Tap42 12 Chopped Thai Chicken Noodle Salad
  • Tap42 03a Beer List
  • Tap42 03b Interior Bar Area
  • Tap42 03c Interior Bar Area
  • Tap42 02b Exterior

Tap42 in Fort Lauderdale

Tap42 had us pleasantly surprised. It’s known for its great nightlife (especially on Wednesday night, Ladies Night), but seeing and tasting their great cuisine had us confounded. How could a craft beer bar deliver such great food, too? The answer, lies with the executive chef, Andrew Balick.

  • BurtMaxExterior1
  • BurtMaxInterior1
  • BurtMaxWings
  • BurtMaxFrenchOnion
  • BurtMaxExterior2

Burt & Max’s in Delray Beach

Burt & Max’s is the newest addition to the Rapoport Restaurant Group, headed up by longtime friends Burt Rapoport and Dennis Max. Long known for their hotspots throughout the South Florida market, Burt & Max’s is proving to be a welcome addition to the new Delray Marketetplace on Atlantic Avenue.

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