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Food News: Luigi’s Coal Oven Pizza To Open In Old Paddy McGee’s Spot (Delray Beach)

Even though Paddy McGee’s shut its doors not too long ago, signs of life are emerging from this E. Atlantic Avenue spot. We’re spotting a new sign up on the exterior; Luigi’s Coal Oven Pizza.

Food News: Shinju Japanese Buffet Restaurant In Boca Raton Linked To Food Poisoning

According to the local NBC affiliate, Shinju Japanese Buffet is one of two restaurants that are linked to four recent cases of food poisoning. Specifically, the issue was shown to have been from bacteria attached to raw oysters.

  • Village Tavern Eggplant Chicken
  • Village Tavern Exterior
  • Village Tavern Fried Calamari
  • Village Tavern Interior
  • Village Tavern Menu
  • Village Tavern Mimosa
  • Village Tavern Outside Dining
  • Village Tavern Rare Tuna Salad
  • Village Tavern Shrimp Tacos
  • Village Tavern Taco Salad Close
  • Village Tavern Taco Salad

In Photos: Village Tavern in Boynton Beach

Village Tavern in Boynton Beach is a well known restaurant and bar located on Congress and is very popular with the locals. The clientele skews a little older (at least on our visit), so unlike some other spots on a Saturday night, our experience here at Village Tavern was calm, cool and collect.

Food News: Meatball Room Coming Soon To The Regency Place Shops In Boca Raton

Meatball Room is under construction and already up on Open Table as a general listing, but there is no expected date of open just yet.

  • Kapow Exterior Front
  • Kapow Exterior Tables
  • Kapow French Toast
  • Kapow Interior
  • Kapow Mural
  • Kapow Pad Thai
  • Kapow Salad with Shrimp
  • Kapow Steamed Vegetable Dumplings

KAPOW! Noodle Bar in Boca Raton

Mizner Park can be described as many things. Upscale and luxurious may be two of those descriptions, but edgy and urban are certainly not. That’s ok, because for what Mizner is lacking in edginess, all you have to do is walk inside of KAPOW! to find it.

  • Racks Cajun Shrimp and Steak
  • Racks Exterior
  • Racks Fish
  • Racks Interior
  • Racks Logo
  • Racks Menu
  • Racks Pomegranate Drink
  • Racks Pour Drink
  • Racks Sign
  • Racks Tuna Tar Tar

Racks Fish House and Oyster Bar in Delray Beach

A wet night couldn’t keep us away from a night out on the town in Delray Beach to sample Racks Fish House and Oyster Bar. Thankfully, the outdoor sidewalk seating was covered and even a pouring rain didn’t interrupt the long meal.

  • Old Key Lime Back Exterior
  • Old Key Lime Dining 1
  • Old Key Lime Dining 2
  • Old Key Lime Dockside Dining
  • Old Key Lime Exterior
  • Old Key Lime Green Table
  • Old Key Lime Key Lime Pie
  • Old Key Lime Mahi Fish Tacos
  • Old Key Lime Pier View
  • Old Key Lime Shrimp and Chicken Salad
  • Old Key Lime Tiki Bar
  • Old Key Lime Upstairs Bar
  • Old Key Lime Waterfront Table

Old Key Lime House in Lantana

Nothing can be better on a nice day outside than to eat al fresco, with open water as far as the eye can see. Such is the case at Old Key Lime House, a piece of history located in Lantana.

  • Shake Shack 1
  • Shake Shack 2
  • Shake Shack 3
  • Shake Shack 4
  • Shake Shack 5
  • Shake Shack 6
  • Shake Shack 7
  • Shake Shack 8
  • Shake Shack 9
  • Shake Shack 10
  • Shake Shack 11
  • Shake Shack 12
  • Shake Shack 13
  • Shake Shack 14

Shake Shack in Boca Raton

Of the three Shake Shacks in Florida, this Glades Road location, in Boca Raton, is the freshest – having just opened their doors in April of 2013. If you’re not familiar with the Shake Shack brand, what started as a food cart in NYC’s Madison Square Park in 2004 has mushroomed into an American fare juggernaut throughout the United States.

  • Brooklyn Water Bagels Black and White Muffins
  • Brooklyn Water Bagels Chocolate Chip Muffins
  • Brooklyn Water Bagels Coffee
  • Brooklyn Water Bagels Corn Muffins
  • Brooklyn Water Bagels Counter
  • Brooklyn Water Bagels Exterior
  • Brooklyn Water Bagels Interior 2
  • Brooklyn Water Bagels Interior Chairs
  • Brooklyn Water Bagels Interior
  • Brooklyn Water Bagels Plain Bagels
  • Brooklyn Water Bagels Poppy Seed Bagels
  • Brooklyn Water Bagels Signage
  • Brooklyn Water Bagels Water Treatment

Brooklyn Water Bagels in Delray Beach

It’s the ongoing debate; who has better bagels – New York or Florida? We used to think that New York was the clear winner and until Brooklyn Water Bagels starting expanding and we had a taste, we think that the decision isn’t such an easy one any longer.

  • BurtMaxExterior1
  • BurtMaxInterior1
  • BurtMaxWings
  • BurtMaxFrenchOnion
  • BurtMaxExterior2

Burt & Max’s in Delray Beach

Burt & Max’s is the newest addition to the Rapoport Restaurant Group, headed up by longtime friends Burt Rapoport and Dennis Max. Long known for their hotspots throughout the South Florida market, Burt & Max’s is proving to be a welcome addition to the new Delray Marketetplace on Atlantic Avenue.

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