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Photo Tour: Due South Brewing Co. In Boynton Beach

Just shy of its second birthday (they opened on May 10, 2012 – and they will be celebrating), we had the opportunity to explore Due South Brewing Co. in Boynton Beach at opening, on a Tuesday. Noon during the week isn’t the busiest of times; but that’s the way that we prefer it when we have our camera in our hands.

  • Lucertola Boynton Beach-2

Food News: Bäd Ragaz Restaurant & Bar Now Reimagined As Lucertola Ristorante & Birreria

Bäd Ragaz Restaurant & Bar in Boynton Beach is no longer (in name, anyway). The restaurant known just as much for its huge beer selection as the food that it served has now been transformed and renamed to Lucertola Ristorante & Birreria. Billing itself as an elegant italian concept, we’re sure to see some fine italian cuisine to go with that beer selection, which is expected to stay. The former executive chef from Tramonti of Delray Beach is now in charge; leading the kitchen into its new lease on life.

  • Samara

Food News: Samara Supermarket in Boynton Beach to Build Out Bakery Section

Samara Supermarket, a (somewhat hidden) treasure trove of Middle Eastern ingredients and various other wares has recently received their permit to build a bakery section within their store, located on N. Congress Avenue in Boynton Beach. Up until this point, the year-old store has been sticking to pre-packaged goods but with permission to open things up, we should expect a wonderful selection of freshly baked goods to go.

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Banana Boat in Boynton Beach

Banana Boat in Boynton Beach has been open and serving South Florida for as long as we’ve been alive and by the looks of our visit this past weekend, it looks as though they’re not going anywhere, any time soon.

  • Sushi Yama 01 Exterior
  • Sushi Yama 01a Exterior
  • Sushi Yama 02 Dining Room Interior
  • Sushi Yama 03 Interior Dining Room
  • Sushi Yama 04 Sushi Bar Interior
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  • Sushi Yama 07 Sushi Bar Customers
  • Sushi Yama 08 Sushi
  • Sushi Yama 09 Sushi Boat 2
  • Sushi Yama 10 Sushi Boat
  • Sushi Yama 11 Tuna Tower
  • Sushi Yama 12 California Roll with Eel
  • Sushi Yama 13 Hand Roll

In Photos: Sushi Yama in Boynton Beach

From 441 east to Lyons and from Atlantic Avenue north to Boynton Beach Blvd. in Boynton Beach, residents in the area have been screaming for great places to dine. With the introduction of all of the Canyon and Valencia communities, it was only a matter of time before the surrounding area was built up to include a variety of options, but it took quite a while. In the past a 10-minute drive was necessary to have a great meal. In the Canyon Town Center, located at the corner of Lyons and Boynton Beach Blvd., a variety of restaurants have opened to serve these deserving residents. Sushi Yama is one that is a favorite in the area.

  • Village Tavern Eggplant Chicken
  • Village Tavern Exterior
  • Village Tavern Fried Calamari
  • Village Tavern Interior
  • Village Tavern Menu
  • Village Tavern Mimosa
  • Village Tavern Outside Dining
  • Village Tavern Rare Tuna Salad
  • Village Tavern Shrimp Tacos
  • Village Tavern Taco Salad Close
  • Village Tavern Taco Salad

In Photos: Village Tavern in Boynton Beach

Village Tavern in Boynton Beach is a well known restaurant and bar located on Congress and is very popular with the locals. The clientele skews a little older (at least on our visit), so unlike some other spots on a Saturday night, our experience here at Village Tavern was calm, cool and collect.

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