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South Florida Staycation – Casa Grandview Bed and Breakfast in West Palm Beach

Sometimes you need to just get away and refuel; whether it’s for one night or for a full week, we think that we stumbled on the perfect spot. Looking to get away and with the grandparents watching the kids for a night, we took advantage of Casa Grandview‘s Procrastinator promotion, which allowed us to save 20% on our room by booking the same day of travel.

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Rhino Doughnuts & Coffee in Lauderdale By The Sea: In Photos

Among all of the new openings recently in South Florida, one that really whets our appetites is Rhino Doughnuts & Coffee in Lauderdale By The Sea. Located on Commercial Boulevard, this trendy and modern donut shop is like nothing in the area. While most donut shops look as though they haven’t changed for the past 30 years, the decor and vibe at Rhino is showing that they know how to keep up with the times. Having amazing donuts doesn’t hurt, either.

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Food News: The Plaza Bistro in Fort Lauderdale is Serving Breakfast Beginning Today

The Plaza Bistro, located in the up and coming North Beach Village of Fort Lauderdale has just announced that they will now be serving breakfast, beginning today. The menu (above) is focusing on breakfast favorites such as eggs, steak & eggs, pancakes, breakfast wraps and more.

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Jupiter Donut Factory in Jupiter

If you told us that Jupiter Donut Factory in Jupiter has only been around for about two years, we’d think that you were pulling our leg. Regarded highly by most South Floridians (we were literally pointed there by a few of them), they’re known for their long lines, super fresh donuts and the fact that they only stay open until they run out of product. Florida, you’d better wake up early if you’re planning on enjoying some finely baked goods.

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Food News: The Grind Cafe in Delray Beach to Begin Full Service Breakfast Menu October 15th

The Grind Cafe, located at the Delray Marketplace on Atlantic Avenue, is set to expand its daily offerings with a new, full service breakfast menu, beginning on October 15th.

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