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Suri Tapas Bar in Lake Worth

Suri Tapas Bar is one of the new kids on the block in Lake Worth, on Lake Avenue. At the time of this writing, they’ve been open for roughly 8 weeks and have just been receiving some recent favorable press in various well respected print papers. It was a coincidence that a friend turned us onto the restaurant a few days before their latest review appeared, and with little information, we hit Open Table and made our reservation for four.

Small plates / tapas is a great way to experience a large variety of flavors at one time, without breaking the bank. Suri excels at this and there is a large menu filled with shareable items; some smaller than others, and some that are meant to be shared by two.

It’s always difficult to nail down the perfect items to order when there are so many available, but our table of four enjoyed the tuna tar-tar; chopped tuna served with avocado and chips for maximum crunch, the lobster mac and cheese; which was beyond decadent (and creamy), a salumi board, with various cured meats and cheese, mahi tacos and a refreshing salad.

The atmosphere feels like stepping into a trendy New York restaurant / bar, but that is fitting. The owner, Matthew Barger, is originally from the New York area and we can see that he brought a little bit of the style back down south with him.

There is indoor and outdoor dining available, and we did see that the bar area was also taken up the entire night with those who were enjoying the Tapas as well. If you sit in the back of the restaurant you can watch through the open kitchen as the executive chef and sous chefs hurry about in a frenzy as the dishes are called in and taken out by the waitstaff.

All in all we enjoyed the restaurant. We loved the atmosphere and the concept of the small plates menu. the dishes were all well executed and bursting with flavors without a misstep.

Suri Tapas Bar
707 Lake Ave
Lake Worth, FL 33460

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