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South Florida Staycation – Casa Grandview Bed and Breakfast in West Palm Beach

Sometimes you need to just get away and refuel; whether it’s for one night or for a full week, we think that we stumbled on the perfect spot. Looking to get away and with the grandparents watching the kids for a night, we took advantage of Casa Grandview‘s Procrastinator promotion, which allowed us to save 20% on our room by booking the same day of travel.

The Bed and Breakfast had top reviews and honors on all travel websites that we could investigate and when we pulled up to the main house that serves as both the check-in area, kitchen and sitting room for those who have reserved rooms in the house itself, we were offered any of the varieties of tea, coffee, soda, water and snacks that they had waiting for us.

After check-in we were given a full tour of the property, which takes up the entire block between Georgia Avenue and Florida Avenue (and consists of multiple bungalows and houses). There are houses and rooms on both side of the street and there are two pools on site. There is a more public pool for all guests that is saltwater and another pool that is for a few rooms, further hidden back, that is kept more private.

Casa Grandview is in the Historic District of West Palm Beach. The main house is actually two houses that were moved from around the airport to be saved and were placed together on the property. These houses were built around 1919 – 1920 and still maintain the charm and feel of that era. It is here, in the main house, that the husband and wife owners Cheryl and Kirk Grantham reside as well.

We stayed in the Sundance South Suite, a perfect size for a party of two; with a kitchen, sitting room and bedroom. The layout was great because we could completely relax in either the same room together, or we could be in different parts of the suite and have a few minutes alone. There is a parking spot right outside the suite which was helpful when we were bringing our items in and out.

For dinner, we asked for Cheryl’s recommendation and she pointed us towards Table 26, a 5-minute walk down S. Dixie Highway. From 5-6pm during the summer, this restaurant has a 50% off entree special, so at 5pm we made our way and enjoyed great seafood for less, under a covered awning. Unfortunately for us, the lightning and thunder led to a heavy rain, so we were held in the restaurant for an hour longer than we should have. Dave, the manger of the restaurant was nice enough to offer us dessert on the house while we waited that out. Lighting in the restaurant was too low to take pictures of the food, but we hope to make a return trip soon.

There’s no Bed and Breakfast without breakfast, which is served daily from 9 – 10am. We chose to sit outside on the side patio, underneath their red umbrellas. There are also two other dining room options inside the air conditioned main house. Everything is made to order and it is apparent that all of the ingredients are fresh. We chose fruit cups, omelets and they were nice enough to also bring out coconut pastries from a local bakery for us as well. Kirk brewed up some fresh iced coffee for us and we started off the day with a welcome caffeine jolt. The breakfast portion is very friendly to those who have special diets. Whether it’s a paleo, gluten-free, vegan or any other sensitivity or restriction, Casa Grandview is prepared and welcoming of your needs.

We loved Casa Grandview. Although located just a few minutes from City Place, Clematis Street and S. Dixie Highway, you truly feel as though you’re in another world once you step on the grounds. Traffic is non-existent, the landscaping completely surrounds the property and you could very well be on a secluded island. We’d be none the wiser.

We’re already trying to figure out when we can return to this hidden spot (maybe not so hidden, now) and with only a 20-minute drive from our house, we think that we can arrange a visit soon.

Casa Grandview West Palm Beach
1410 Georgia Avenue
West Palm Beach, FL, 33401, USA

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