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South Florida Food News: The Brewhouse Gallery Recently Opened In Lake Park

Here’s a unique location in the Lake Park area, just south of North Palm Beach. The Brewhouse Gallery is a space combining an art gallery, coffeehouse and craft brew bar all in one. There seems to be something at this location for everyone; high art, great brew and endless events.

The location also hosts a variety of interesting events with weekly open mic nights, live music, comedy nights, trivia nights and other fun activities to entice those of age to come and hang out for a while. If you want food, there are food trucks enlisted to hang around outside at various busy times to help fend off those hunger pangs.

To view more, check out their Facebook page to keep up to date on the happenings and make your way on over for a night unlike anything around.

The Brewhouse Gallery
720 Park Avenue
Lake Park, FL 33403

*Images provided by The Brewhouse Gallery

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