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South Florida Food News: Apura Juicery & Coffeehouse Coming To Boca Raton In September

A new healthy option is coming to Boca Raton in late August September. To be located in Palms Plaza, at the southwest corner of Powerline Road and Palmetto Park Road, Apura Juicery & Coffeehouse will be serving cold-pressed juices, cold-brewed coffee, handmade nut “mylks” and more.

Held to the principles of raw veganism, owner Susan Mussaffi hopes to appeal to all types of guests by bringing popular and recognizable dishes in-house with their own iteration. In a fast-casual world that focuses more on hamburgers than on healthy eating, we’re excited for Apura Juicery & Coffeehouse to throw open its doors and release their healthy eats to the wild.

Apura Juicery & Coffeehouse
22191 Powerline Road
Boca Raton, FL 33433

*Photos courtesy of Apura

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