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Terra Fiamma in Delray Beach

Terra Fiamma at the Delray Marketplace in Delray Beach is one of the few restaurants at that shopping center that exceeded our expectations. We’ve had experiences that have left us wanting more at the other “hot spots” but Tierra Fiamma was chosen as a lunch spot and with our dining experience, we can’t wait to go back for a full-fledged dinner.

We liked everything about Tierra Fiamma; the outdoor dining area was nicely covered and large enough to not create a huge wait during the evening hours, the interior was appointed nicely, and the cuisine was excellent.

The meal that we had mostly consisted of healthy options and was overloaded with salads. Among the meals, we ordered a Summer Salmon Salad, appointed with a large piece of grilled salmon and the Steak Salad, with its well seasoned grilled steak and the Chopped Italian Salad. The prices were reasonable and the waitstaff was eagerly attending to our table.

We’re eager to return at night to dine outside without the sweltering sun and we’ll be sure to dive into some of their much talked about pasta and pizza offerings. For that, we’ll wait until the summer season is in full swing so that we can avoid the nighttime rush and the lack of parking that usually follows at Delray Marketplace (our only gripe).

Terra Fiamma
9169 W. Atlantic Ave.
Delray Beach, FL 33446

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