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Food News: Samara Supermarket in Boynton Beach to Build Out Bakery Section

Samara Supermarket, a (somewhat hidden) treasure trove of Middle Eastern ingredients and various other wares has recently received their permit to build a bakery section within their store, located on N. Congress Avenue in Boynton Beach. Up until this point, the year-old store has been sticking to pre-packaged goods but with permission to open things up, we should expect a wonderful selection of freshly baked goods to go.

For the uninitiated, Samara Supermarket is intoxicating; with its selection of spices that will send you into sensory overload, delicious teas, hummus and tahini, frozen goods and even a few hookas to purchase for enjoying your flavored tobacco products. The new bakery, slated to open up within the next three months, will serve as a welcome edition to the Boynton Beach area.

Samara Supermarket
2206 N Congress Avenue
Boynton Beach, FL 33426

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