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Mussel Beach in Delray Beach

Mussel Beach in Delray Beach is, to us, an exciting new adventure. Some of our favorite meals over the years have been at various French and Belgian restaurants that specialized in pots of mussels. We no longer have to travel long and far because as of December, 2013, Mussel Beach is open for business.

The casual exterior of the restaurant hides the upscale and trendy decor of the interior. The restaurant focuses on the main dining area, which is front and center. A small bar area lines the left side of the restaurant and seemed to have been buzzing throughout both of our weekend night visits. Look up to the ceiling and a blue ocean, complete with painted fish and coral awaits to make you feel as though you’re dining below the ocean, with the calming sea above.

Family owned and operated (two generations work the restaurant), Mussel Beach is the newest location for the owners. They used to have an ownership stake in the previous tenant, Rotelli Pizza and Pasta. In addition to this new spot, they also own a smaller cafe that is just opening up north in Harrison, NY.

During our two trips to the restaurant we visited both as a table for two and also with a large group of friends for a total of 10. We were elated when our larger party was game for ordering a variety of appetizers and entrees and sharing the love, letting everyone experience the great American seafood cuisine. Some of our favorite dishes were the Baked Kale, Clams Casino appetizer (large clams, chopped and topped with pancetta, peppers onions and parmesan) and the Fra Diavolo mussels pot; with just the right amount of a spicy kick.

For dessert, no one can leave without trying the Crack Pie, an oatmeal pie topped with vanilla ice cream. Decadent and delicious, it was literally just like crack and we couldn’t put it down. We knew that we hit it out of the park when each of the friends that we had arrived with left the restaurant proclaiming that they would return to Mussel Beach on their own.

Mussel Beach
501 E Atlantic Avenue
Delray Beach, FL 33483

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