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Jupiter Donut Factory in Jupiter

If you told us that Jupiter Donut Factory in Jupiter has only been around for about two years, we’d think that you were pulling our leg. Regarded highly by most South Floridians (we were literally pointed there by a few of them), they’re known for their long lines, super fresh donuts and the fact that they only stay open until they run out of product. Florida, you’d better wake up early if you’re planning on enjoying some finely baked goods.

Owner Chris Stokes arrives each and every morning before the sun rises (sometimes as early as 1am) to ensure that a healthy variety of donuts and other baked goods are available when they throw open their doors at 6am. Cream filled, jelly filled, sugar topped, glazed, fruit-filled, red velvet, coconut-covered, strawberry, butterfinger or a kronut; whatever it is that you’re hankering for, Jupiter Donut Factory is sure to have (up to 40 varieties!) Single donuts start at $.99 for plain and go up to $1.29 for a specialty, while a 1/2 dozen donuts is priced at $4.99, one dozen at $7.99. Pretty reasonable prices for fresh and delicious donuts.

One thing that visitors will notice, particularly if they arrive after 7am, is the line out the door. While we spent about 45 minutes in the shop the line was constant and flowing, never easing up. The staff at Jupiter Donut Shop has this down to a science and although it was overwhelming to us, there was never a hiccup and everyone was able to quickly order and get out, with a minimal wait-time.

Donuts and baked goods are not the only available foods at the shop. A counter awaits those who are looking for more of a meal. The specialty is the biscuits with sausage gravy or a breakfast sandwich; served on a bagel, croissant or biscuit with egg and cheese and a choice of bacon, sausage, ham or taylor pork roll. Don’t let the counter fool you, however. If you’d like donuts after your meal, you’d better get on the line.

Jupiter Donut Factory
141 Center Street
Jupiter, FL 33458

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