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Tap42 in Fort Lauderdale

Tap42 had us pleasantly surprised. It’s known for its great nightlife (especially on Wednesday night, Ladies Night), but seeing and tasting their great cuisine had us confounded. How could a craft beer bar deliver such great food, too? The answer, lies with the executive chef, Andrew Balick.

Chef Andrew Balick is in charge of the kitchen at Tap42. A trained chef (studying at Johnson & Wales), he’s been around in the South Florida area for quite some time. Working at a few of the 5-star hotels in Miami and moving his way north to Fort Lauderdale, here at Tap42, the menu that he has crafted is imaginative, fun and tasty. Playing on what Tap42 is known for; a huge variety of craft beers, the menu provides for the beer to be front and center, even in the food dishes. Angry Orchard Pulled Pork Sliders and the Harpoon UFO Beer Braised Mussels are a perfect examples of this. Beer is a key ingredient and in the mussels, the mixture of Chorizo, citrus, herbs and Chilies combine to break out some key flavors that we haven’t experienced in a mussels dish before. The citrus was a nice component to the dish and added another layer to its complex makeup.

The bar area is hopping at night and into the wee-hours of the morning. There are plenty of seating options inside the restaurant and outside and the bar stays open until 1am on the weekdays and 2am on the weekends (the kitchen closes at 11pm, so diners are warned to get there a little earlier). With 51 taps in the restaurant, and with more beers available by the bottle, Tap42 is one spot that patrons can visit and experience different tastes each time.

Beyond the nightlife, Tap42 has a mean Sunday Brunch as well, which is popular with the locals. Unlimited Mimosas and quality cuisine make for a happy Sunday morning experience.

We will revisit Tap42 with a focus on the beers available (both widely available and some specialty craft beers), but until that time, we will always have the memories of the excellent cuisine that we experienced that night.

1411 S. Andrews Avenue
Fort Lauderdale, FL 33316

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