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Sunday Brunch in South Florida: Oceans 234 in Deerfield Beach

We were really hoping to enjoy Oceans 234 as much as we had expected. It has so much going for it; a beautiful spot just on the ocean, a wonderful sitting area under a covered awning and drinks from the bar. So what could go wrong? If you were a member of our party, just about everything.

A party of five, three adults and two children (one of them an infant), we were mildly excited about our choice for brunch. It’s not often that we get to go out and enjoy the waterfront dining with two children that require a good deal of attention, so it was with smiles that we were seated in the corner, just next to the public walkway.

Drinks were ordered, the kids mac and cheese was expedited (she loved it) and we got down to brunch. The first two entrees went off without a hitch. The eggs benedict had an oozing yolk, and the first omelet came out just fine. It was the second omelet that didn’t make the grade and sullied the experience. Ordered with egg whites and dry, it came out bright yellow and runny. The waiter was called and while the other two adults dined, it was sent back to the kitchen. Ten minutes later the omelet came back for round two. Although white in color this time, the eggs were slick, oily and running across their plate. For this diner, two times was a strike out. She sent it back, uneaten and headed to a diner next door for her choice of eggs while the rest of us were left to finish up and pay. It’s worth noting that the omelet was stricken from the bill and an ice cream sundae for the child was served, at no extra cost.

Every restaurant has a bad day – we just happened to be on the receiving end of Oceans 234’s (let’s hope this is the worst that it gets). We won’t be stopping by Oceans 234 again for anything more involved than drinks. There’s too much of South Florida to see and we’ll never run out of dining choices, so why try again to be just a little more impressed?

Oceans 234
234 N Ocean Boulevard
Deerfield Beach, FL 33441

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