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Racks Fish House and Oyster Bar in Delray Beach

A wet night couldn’t keep us away from a night out on the town in Delray Beach to sample Racks Fish House and Oyster Bar. Thankfully, the outdoor sidewalk seating was covered and even a pouring rain didn’t interrupt the long meal.

Racks is certainly seafood based, and you’ll see that by either studying their large red neon sign or the menu once you sit down at your table. Oysters are pushed, with certain nights having Oyster Happy Hours and the ability to taste a variety of them. Our table opted not to get Oysters but the table next to us ordered a large sampler. They didn’t seem to be too thrilled with the resulting offerings and as a result of their unhappiness it disappeared from their check.

The highlight of the meal was our first course, the Tuna Tar Tar. Just the right amount of kick and served with wonton-like chips, this was a great dish to dip and share. Unfortunately, for our experience, the rest of the meal trended downwards. Opting to go with a “surf and turf” option of shrimp and steak, the cajun seasoning on the shrimp killed the dish; it was overpowering and made it difficult to march on. The steak was more fat than lean meat and with avoiding the shrimp portion of the meal, we were left to enjoy one quarter of the dish.

Racks made up for their shortfalls in cuisine with great service. The waitstaff was attentive to our needs and never left us for too long, but also didn’t overstay their welcome. If we were to return, this would have been their saving grace. Will we ultimately return? With so many hot spots in these parts to try, it may be hard to pull us back in that direction.

Racks Fish House and Oyster Bar
5 SE 2nd Avenue
Delray Beach, FL 33444

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