Le Tub in Hollywood

Le Tub in Hollywood

Blink and you’ll miss this hole-in-the-wall burger joint that has been secretly (or not so secretly) delivering some of the best burgers in South Florida since 1974. Located within a former gas station, it will take some focused eyes to spot it on the side of the road as it’s hidden behind a wall of greenery.

Although hard to spot, Le Tub is one popular dining spot. If you’re lucky enough to catch a table as soon as you make your way inside, the waiter or waitress may advise you that the wait time for a burger exceeds one hour. This is actually to be expected and upon first glance at the kitchen diners will notice why; it’s a one man shop and the kitchen is just big enough for that one man.

LeTub Entrance

LeTub Tub

Indoor and outdoor seating awaits those who venture in and if the wait is too long to endure, you can order up some chips and salsa, a few beers and sit by the water to enjoy the view. There are plenty of non-hamburger options on the menu; salads, clams and other seafood, ribs and barbecue pork, to name a few.

LeTub Interior

LeTub Chips and Salsa

This is one of our favorite spots to cool down in this summer heat. The history at Le Tub is rich, the burgers are huge and flavorful and the relaxed vibe is something that can’t be beat here in South Florida.

LeTub Cheeseburger

LeTub Kitchen

LeTub Waterfront

Le Tub
1100 N. Ocean Drive
Hollywood, FL 33019

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