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KAPOW! Noodle Bar in Boca Raton

Mizner Park can be described as many things. Upscale and luxurious may be two of those descriptions, but edgy and urban are certainly not. That’s ok, because for what Mizner is lacking in edginess, all you have to do is walk inside of KAPOW! to find it.

KAPOW! bills itself as an asian-fusion gastropub; a mixture of different influences converging together to pleasure the palates and engage the senses. The interior of the restaurant is long and narrow, with a bar taking up the entire right side of the restaurant. A long window across the bar opens up to the outdoor seating area. Above the dining area on the left is a large mural that occupies the entire wall, from front to back of the space. It’s a stunning and colorful piece that can serve as much of a conversation piece as something pretty to look at.

KAPOW! is serving up great cuisine, including Sunday Brunch, something that we’ve been longing for lately. For the child with us, we ordered the Cap’n Crunch French Toast (French Toast crusted with one of our favorite breakfast cereals). The picky eater that she is, she housed the dish and there was barely enough for us to sample before she finished it completely.

Other dishes that made their way across our table were the steamed vegetable dumplings, tofu pad thai and a house salad with grilled shrimp. The steamed vegetable dumplings were among the best that we had ever tried and the dough of the dumpling was the perfect thickness. It was not overly doughy and when steamed they ended up being very light and airy. The tofu pad thai had just the right amount of kick, and this was without using the sauce that was provided on the side. A Thai favorite, the meal size was just right. It was enough to keep us full, but not too much to stuff us with a carb overload.

There is so much more to try at KAPOW! that we didn’t even scratch the surface of. The many beer specials, ramen noodles, the amazing (so we’ve heard) wings and a lot of the dim sum dishes are all items that we will try upon our next visits to the restaurant. This is a unique spot that impressed us with what we ordered, so with that great combination we’ll be sure to visit again – and next time we’ll be sure to expand on our previous selections.

KAPOW! Noodle Bar
431 Plaza Real
Boca Raton, FL 33432
561-347-7322 ‎

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